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02 9 / 2014




Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani

Hassani, a product designer from Afganistan, build (by hand) a wind-powered device that trips land mines as it rolls across the ground. It is made using bamboo and biodegradable products.

Many of these mines are active and near populated areas in countries like Afganistan and are hard to remove. The UN says that one mine clearance specialist is killed, and two injured, for every 5,000 mines cleared.

Hassani’s cheap and easy to make method has been achieving great results.


In a world of overcomplicated solutions, we need more people who think “Wait, why don’t we just roll a giant freaking ball over it?”

this guy made a katamari for landmines

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#this dialogue was like watching steven moffat give himself a blow job

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Remember drink water eat fruit and stay positive

& have orgasms. That is very important.

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My only regret is the time I wasted on heterosexuality

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I don’t really care for the term ‘leak’ in regards to the swiped celebrity photographs.

If you’re taking a bath and somebody comes and scoops out a bucket of water, your tub doesn’t have a leak; somebody is a thief.

Let’s call this what it is. Larceny.

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I used to be like “I wonder what would happen if I set this thing on fire” and since then I’ve learned that more often than not the answer is “it’ll be on fire”

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